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The 10 rules of my love club

Welcome to my love club.

These are the 10 rules for my love club.

RULE 1: I will show it as soon as I feel it

RULE 2: I will appreciate facts more than words

RULE 3: I will hardly say unneeded and not meant "I love you"s, just there will not be doubts about my feelings once shown

RULE 4: I will pour myself for satisfy all your needs: emotional, physical, etc.

RULE 5: I will effort to make communication the most important thing between us

RULE 6: I will pursue the goal of getting to know you and your inner thoughts

RULE 7: I will strive for having a decent relationship with the less problems

RULE 8: I will share without demand anything that comes into my mind from material to emotional and spiritual things

RULE 9: I will act vigorously to make a sinergy out of you and me so that we help develop each other more than being alone

RULE 10: I will do my best to solve problems at once without unneeded delay which harms


That's my love manifesto. Feel free to join and spread it.

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